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When you join our team, you will have access to our Team Website, but there are many free or inexpensive ways you can share the news about My Fun Life and those of you in my downline will see several tabs under ‘Marketing’, but don’t get overwhelmed!  Just remember, your main Goal is to simply get people to view your website and sign up as a Pre-Enrollee so they can see the power of the system.  They will then have the opportunity to check out this fabulous company.   That's it!  Nothing else!  Remember how you watched the video clip and were impressed?

These are just a few of the free or low cost methods available:

  • word of mouth – family, friends, co-workers, anywhere you see people
  • send personal emails thru another email/autoresponder system
  • social marketing; blog, article writing, Facebook, You Tube, etc.
  • contact people on Instant Messengers, i.e., skype, yahoo, gmail, msn
  • join Forums and Discussion Groups 
  • create and hand out business cards

Those are just a few of the ways to get your business in front of people

Be Creative!

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